Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz relinquished command of the Fleet aboard the USS Menhaden (SS-377), the submarine on the right, on November 24th, 1945, in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The submarine on the left side of the pier is the USS Dentuda (SS-335).
(U.S. Navy Official Photograph. Photo Courtesy of John Mansfield, Jr., RM2(SS), Menhaden, 1963-65)
Fleet Admiral Nimitz's five-star flag flying from a flagstaff on the USS Menhaden.
(Image Courtesy of Ira King, LCDR, Menhaden, 1945-46)
Admiral Raymond Spruance speaking at the ceremony in which he relieved Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz (standing behind him) as CINCPAC-CINPOA on November 24th, 1945, on board the USS Menhaden (SS-377) at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.
(Image Courtesy of Les Guille, CDR, Menhaden's Last Commanding Officer, 1970-71)