MAY 26th, 2000
Barely visible at the podium on the left is the Master of Ceremonies, Ann Spear, Secretary of the McClintock Recognition Committee. Seated at the table is Rear Admiral Albert H. Konetzni, Jr., COMSUBPAC, and Most Reverend Mark F. Schmitt.
Captain Bladen D. Claggett and Captain David H. McClintock.
Ed Seitz and Captain Dave McClintock meet again after 55 years. Ed served as a Throttleman aboard the USS Gato (SS-212) in World War II, then joined the USS Menhaden crew in the Fall of 1945 in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.
On the left, at the end of the table, is Malone Jones. Opposite him is Richard "Doc" Perkins. Malone and "Doc" served together on the USS Dace in WW II.
On the left, at the end of the table, are Paul and Mary Wassenberg. Opposite them are Bernard and Dottie Sigler. Paul and Bernie, ETR2(SS) and RM2(SS) respectively, served together on the Menhaden, 1953-56.
(Images Courtesy of Bob Frier, TM3(SS), Menhaden, 1959-61; and Roy Leonhardt, EM2(SS), Menhaden, 1970-71)