USS Menhaden's Last Commanding Officer, Commander S. L. "Les" Guille
This photo was taken sometime during the Menhaden's deployment to New Zealand on her last extended cruise to the South Pacific from 8/31/70 to 11/15/70.
Les Guille's Comments About This Photo:
The crew gave me this beret, with embroidered "scrambled eggs," in Yokosuka during our WesPac Cruise. By the time this photo was taken, I had put a DBF Pin, a Kiwi Pin, and a set of Royal Australian Submarine Dolphins on it. I wore it when getting underway throughout the South Pacific cruise and for dependents' cruises stateside. Once, I got put on report for doing so by the Flotilla Chief of Staff in San Diego, who sent a letter to my DivCom telling him to discipline me. The DivCom called me up to his office on the Tender and said, "Consider yourself disciplined." I still have the beret -- a treasured souvenir! You can't read it, but the patch on the right side of my foul weather jacket, has in a scroll underneath the numerals that says, "Guille's Gallants -- Rape and Pillage Party." That is not PC today, so I removed it from the jacket. The patch was designed by TMSN Todd Owens.
(Image Courtesy of Roy Leonhardt, EM2(SS), Menhaden, 1970-71)