Shotgun Jack's Home Page This is my brother, John "Shotgun Jack" Carpenter's Web Site. He just might have become a damn fine Submariner, if he had not set his mind on becoming a "Green Beret" and going to Vietnam -- as a Light Weapons Specialist with the IV Corps Mobile Strike Force (Mike Force) in the Mekong Delta, 1969-70.
Clan Gunn Page My Family's genealogy includes ancestors descended from the Clan Gunn of Scotland.
Special Forces List Teamhouse In the opinion of my brother, this is the best "Green Beret" Site on the Internet. Although I was a "Bubblehead," I am privileged to call many of the men in the SFL Teamhouse my friends.
First Annual Special Forces List River Trip I was "Lead Boatman" on this trip. The "Trip Leader" was my good  friend Robyn (aka "Wenchy"), who is the widow of another good friend, Bill "Bear" Duncan, a former Special Forces Medic with MACV-CCN in Vietnam. Many of the photos on the trip were taken on "Dress Up Night"!
Rob's MACV-SOG Page Not only was Robby a Recon Team "One Zero" (Team Leader) with MACV-CCN in Vietnam, but he is a talented writer as well. His writing style combines poignant narratives with a "rib-tickling, knee-slapping" humorous flare! Be sure to read his very touching Tribute to his two "lost" friends and teammates,  Ronald "Doc" Watson and Allen "Baby Jesus" Lloyd.
USS Pampanito (SS-383) A restored World War II diesel/electric submarine in San Francisco, California. I have none but praise for this Web Site. It took me back "light years" -- to when I served aboard the Menhaden! While taking the "Tour" through the boat, I swear that I could again smell fuel oil, diesel exhaust smoke, dirty clothes, unwashed bodies . . . and the unmistakable odor of sanitary tanks being vented inboard!
The Fleet Type Submarine Training Manual  Navpers 16160 is the first in a series of submarine training manuals that was completed just after World War II. The series describes the peak of WW II US submarine technology.
Tales Of The After Battery Rat Bob "Dex" Armstrong, to put it mildly, is "hilarious"! He was a "diesel boater" in the late 1950's and early 1960's, and tells it like it was! It's a "must see and read" site!
SubmarineSailor.Com  An excellent Site dedicated to helping Submarine sailors and their families stay in touch, and preserve some of our history along the way. Find boats, crews, home pages and much more.
Ron Martini's Submarine World Network A "must see" for all Submariners, past and present. If anybody is looking for any information about submarines, Ron has it.
Ron Martini's Submarine BBS "Ping" on this BBS. It's an "on-line" bulletin board intended for Submariners, and friends, to discuss whatever is on their minds.
Directory of Online Submariners Searching for former shipmates? Check out this Web Site. Ron Martini has compiled this comprehensive list of Submariners. I found quite a few former USS Menhaden crew members on this list, previously unknown to me. If you earned your "Dolphins" and are not currently listed in the database, contact Ron. Perhaps a former shipmate is looking for you!
Dictionary of American Fighting Ships -- Submarines The Site has the history for all of the Submarines.
United States Navy Ceremonial Drill Team Fantastic Site! By the way, it really helps if you have a high-speed Internet connection to view the Site. With my 56K dial-up modem, it took about 35 minutes for it to load.
USS Menhaden (SP-847) A U.S. Naval Historical Center Web Site Page. The 100-foot fishing boat Menhaden was temporarily acquired by the U.S. Navy in World War I, and was used as a minesweeper and tug from 1917 to 1919.
USS Darter (SS-227) Darter Page in the "Lost Boats of World War II" Pages on the COMSUBPAC (Commander, Submarines, U.S. Pacific Fleet) Web Site.
Wisconsin Maritime Museum Located in Manitowoc, and founded in 1970 as the Manitowoc Submarine Memorial Association, the Wisconsin Maritime Museum has grown into one of the largest maritime museums in the Midwest. In addition to commemorating the maritime heritage of the Manitowoc-Two Rivers area and the submarines built there during World War II, the Wisconsin Maritime Museum is now a leader in preserving the maritime history of Wisconsin and the Great Lakes region. It is also the home of the USS Cobia (SS-245), a Gato-class fleet-type submarine similar to the twenty-eight subs built by the Manitowoc Shipbuilding Company during World War II.
Marquette Maritime Museum Located in Marqette on Lake Superior's Southern Shore in Michigan's Beautiful Upper Peninsula. The mission of the Museum is to protect and preserve the maritime history of Marquette and interpret it against Lake Superior and the Great Lakes. It is also the site of the Silent Service Memorial.
U.S. Submarine Veterans of World War II An Excellent Web Site. Another "must visit" Site.
Center for Military Readiness An independent educational organization that promotes excellence in America's Armed Forces by concentrating on military personnel issues. Elaine Donnelly is the President of CMR. Her father, Basil Chenevert, was a member of the commissioning crew of the USS Menhaden (SS-377) in June of 1945.
USS Sea Fox (SS-402) I've included this link because I temporarily spent seven weeks aboard the Sea Fox before the Menhaden returned to San Diego from Vancouver, B.C., in December of 1961.
USS Glacier (AGB-4) Association The USS Glacier Association promotes friendship, comradeship and kinship between Navy, Scientists, Civilians, and other Military personnel with a common bond of once having served aboard the USS GLACIER AGB-4; and instill pride and patriotism in those for having so served. I am proud to have served aboard the icebreaker Glacier for eight months during "Operation Deepfreeze 61" to Antarctica.
The Glacier Society The Glacier Society is dedicated to the restoration and operation of this historical vessel; commemorating all who served in the exploration of the North and South Poles.
Imperial Japanese Navy Page Highly informative pages about the Japanese Navy during World War II.