Japanese heavy cruiser Maya in 1938, sunk by torpedoes from USS Dace (SS-247) on October 23rd, 1944.
(Photo Courtesy of Captain Ira King, USN, Retired, Collection)
Chokai Class Heavy Cruiser
Year Completed: 1932
Displacement: 14,838 tons
Dimensions: 631' x 68' x 20'9"
Speed: 34 knots
Armament: 10 x 8"/50; 8 x 5"/40 DP; up to 66 x 25mm AA; 16 x 24" TT
Crew: 773
Source of name: Maya -- a mountain north of Kobe
The increased weight of modifications and increased armament brought Atago and Takao displacements to 15,781 tons each. Chokai-class heavy cruisers, including Maya, had similar retrofits in 1941 that brought their displacement to 14,838 tons. They were thirty feet shorter in length than Atago and Takao.
(The above information is from John G. Mansfield, Jr.'s book, "Cruisers for Breakfast."
Copyright, October, 1997)