Captain David McClintock was the Grand Marshall of the 1986 Fourth of July Parade in Marquette, Michigan.
Retired Captain David McClintock in 1996.
"Now this is no sh*t! There we were in Palawan Passage, when . . . "
"I'll just take a short cat-nap. Kitty, you've got the Conn."
David, in his living room, holding a model of the Japanese heavy cruiser Atago, sunk by the USS Darter (SS-227) on October 23rd, 1944. On the table to the left is a photo of the Darter aground on Bombay Shoal.
David with a trophy deer shot by a hunting buddy, Rico Zenti, in December of 2001. After shooting and tagging it, Rico drove to the Jacobetti Home for Veterans in Marquette, had Dave put on his hunting coat and hat, then this photo was taken.
David looking at the "Lost U.S. Submarines of World War II" Plaque alongside the Submariner Memorial in Marquette, Michigan. Barely visible on the right is the warhead of the Mark XIV torpedo donated by the USS Silversides Museum in Muskegon.
(Photos Courtesy of Dave McClintock, Jr., son of Captain David H. McClintock)