The USS Menhaden (SS-377) Reunion took place during the 28-Boat Reunion at the Wisconsin Maritime Museum, located on the site of the Manitowoc Shipbuilding Company in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, where the Menhaden and 27 other submarines were built during World War II.
USS Cobia (SS-245) moored in front of the Wisconsin Maritime Museum.
USS Menhaden Crew Members (Left to Right): Bob "Doc" Coates, HM1(SS), 1956-58; John Mansfield, RM2(SS), 1963-65; Frank Ruma, TMC(SS), 1945-46; Doug Eddy, ETR2(SS), 1962-63; Jeff Davis, IC3(SS), 1970-71; Earl Collins, EN2(SS), 1954-57; Bob Frier (behind Earl), TM3(SS), 1959-61; Bernie Sigler, RM2(SS), 1953-56; Jim Clepper, GM2(SS), 1945-46; Elmer Koenig, Seaman 1/c(SS), 1945-46; and Paul Wassenberg, ETR2(SS), 1953-56.
Reunion Men (Left to Right): Ron Kirby, James Ruma (son of Frank Ruma), Bob Coates, John Mansfield, Frank Ruma, Doug Eddy, Jeff Davis, Earl Collins, Bob Frier (behind Earl), Bernie Sigler, Jim Clepper, Elmer Koenig and Paul Wassenberg.
Reunion Ladies (Left to Right): Delores Ruma (wife of James Ruma), Evelyn Ruma (wife of Frank Ruma), Linda Eddy (wife of Doug Eddy), Katie Davis (wife of Jeff Davis), Dorothy Sigler (wife of Bernie Sigler), Marilyn Clepper (wife of Jim Clepper), Catherine Kauffman (wife of Jim Kauffman), Mary Wassenberg (wife of Paul Wassenberg), and Marlene Koenig (wife of Elmer Koenig).
Evelyn Ruma (wife of Frank Ruma), John Mansfield (Reunion Coordinator), Dolores Ruma (wife of James Ruma) and James Ruma (son of Frank Ruma).
USS Menhaden 1945 Commissioning Crew Members: Elmer Koenig, Jim Clepper and Frank Ruma.
Marlene Koenig (with back to camera), Bob Frier and Elmer Koenig.
Elmer Koenig and Bob "Doc" Coates.
Bernie Sigler in the Control Room of the USS Cobia. Bernie's T-Shirt states: LIFE IS SIMPLE . . . EITHER YOU'RE QUALIFIED OR YOU'RE NOT!
Standing (Left to Right): Bernie Sigler, Tom Barnum and Jim "Catfish" Kauffman.
Sitting (Left to Right): Dorothy "Dottie" Sigler, Mary Wassenberg, Paul Wassenberg, and Catherine "Cassie" Kauffman.
(Images Courtesy of Tom Barnum, LTJG, Menhaden, 1956-57; Bob "Doc" Coates, HM1(SS), Menhaden, 1956-58; and John Mansfield, RM2(SS), Menhaden, 1963-65)