Fairy Tales Begin With: "Once Upon A Time . . . "
Sea Stories Begin With: "Now This Is No Sh*t . . . "
Tales From The USS Darter (SS-227) -- (Courtesy of Frank Ruma, TM1(SS), Darter, 3/44-10/44; and TMC(SS), Menhaden, 6/45-10/45)
      From Destroyers To Submarines
Recollections From The Early Years (Courtesy of Stanley M. Emerson, F1/c(SS), Menhaden, 9/45-3/46)
Thanksgiving Day, 1945 Thanksgiving Pamphlet (Courtesy of Ed Seitz, MoMM2(SS), Menhaden, 1945-46; Images Courtesy of Roy Leonhardt, EM2(SS), Menhaden, 1970-71; and, John J. Bodrog, TM2(SS), USS Carbonero (SS-337), 1968-70, the son of John Bodrog, Jr., MoMM3(SS), Menhaden, 6/45-5/46)
"It's Sea And Ski Weather On The Bridge, Mr. Suffian!" Officer's Wake Up Call. (Courtesy of Bob Frier, TM3(SS), Menhaden, 1959-61)
Submarines And Targets Two Great Photos! (Courtesy of William Walters, IC2, USS Ramsey (DEG-2), 1967-69)
1970 Crossing Of The Equator -- Story and Photos from the Cruise Book of Menhaden's Last Extended Cruise to the South Pacific. Hilarious Account of the Polliwog Rebellion! Then, the Shellback's Revenge! (Courtesy of Les Guille, Menhaden's Last Commanding Officer, 1970-71)
      Part 1 -- The Rebellion
      Part 2 -- Davy Jones Arrival
      Part 3 -- The Initiation
A True DBF! (Diesel Boats Forever!) Story The new fast attack nuclear submarine, USS Gurnard (SSN-662), tried to take on the old diesel/electric submarine, USS Menhaden (SS-377). But, the "Nukes" just didn't stand a chance against the resourceful "Diesel Boaters"! (Courtesy of Les Guille, Menhaden's Last Commanding Officer)
The DBF Flag Caper At the Enlisted Submarine Birthday Ball in San Diego, April, 1971. (Courtesy of Les Guille, Menhaden's Last Commanding Officer)